Video Production

Music video production for YouTube:  SoufSoul Productions recognized the importance of producing YouTube music videos for Kennis Jones because of it's viral marketing potential on the internet.  Since, YouTube is the place where people go to discover new music, we felt it was the perfect platform for Kennis to express the meaning of his music visually for his fans .   

Music Video Concept: At SoftSoul we believe that  "what you see is what you hear" and "what you hear is what you feel". This is the conceptual basis for us in  conveying the feeling and meaning behind the songs of Kennis Jones including a personal look at the artist at work in the studio.

Professional Videography:  In 2011 SoftSoul productions will take our YouTube video production to a higher level by working with professional videographers from the San Diego area.  This level of commitment will coincide with the long anticipated release of the What About Love album.    


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