Music Marketing

SoftSoul Productions is the exclusive marketing company for Kennis Jones and SoftSoul Music

Traditional Marketing:  Ten years ago our marketing strategy was centered around traditional music marketing. Our efforts were geared towards sending  physical press kits to music labels and  demos to radio stations for airplay. Local advertising, publicity events, and public performances were also implemented to develop our local fan base and promote sales of our first two SoftSoul CDs. 

Internet Marketing:  Beginning in 2006, the new SoftSoul marketing team began a comprehensive strategy devoted primarily to internet marketing and building our fan base on the local and national music scene.       

  • Kennis Jones Website – We began our efforts with an initial website for Kennis Jones and included online streaming of SoftSoul mp3s which, in effect,  served as a very cost effective online press kit for Kennis. The website continues to evolve and presently includes links to the Kennis Jones store where fans can purchases CDs and merchandise.  The website has also expanded to include links to the Kennis Jones & SoftSoul Productions blogs and social networking sites.    
  • Social Media – In 2007, we established a social networking presense on MySpace.  In 2008, we added Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites.  To date, our online fan database has increased 10 fold to over 8,000 devoted music listeners. Kennis is an active Facebook user and interacts with fans on a daily personal basis.    
  • YouTube – Working within our budget we continue to expand our video production via the efforts of local San Diego videographers and our YouTube production staff. A new video promoting the "What About Love" album is under production now, and will appear on YouTube prior to the CD release in early 2011. 
  • Reverbnation – In 2008 we joined where we tied all of our online marketing together into one dynamic package. is a place where artists, fans, labels and venues interact with each other for mutual benefit. Fans can create and share playlists, promote the artists they love, and track the success of artists over time. For Kennis Jones and our organization, is more than just a place to do self-promotion, it's an invaluable source of information for our fans, AND a place to conduct the business of being a musician — including tools for distribution, merchandising, and communication. ReverbNation has given us an outlet to promote Kennis, the tools to understand, locate, and interact with our fans, and a cost efficient way to sell SoftSoul Music at an affordable price to our fans. 

Integration of Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing – Prior to the release of Kennis Jones' new album "What About Love" we are utilizing both traditional and internet marketing Although the new CD was not scheduled for release until early in 2011, our research team felt that a lead time of approximately one year was needed to properly promote the CD and develop a sufficient fan base for optimal sales. We are using Reverbnation for the international digital distribution of the new album on iTunes,, and many other popular mp3 download sites. The physical CD will be available initially via, and in retail stores later in 2011. We are continuing the distribution of demo CDs to radio stations throughout the US and internationally as needed, however, we find that digital distribution to online radio stations to be more cost effective at this moment in time.   

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