Inspiration and Meaning

Faith and Music from God's Soft Soul 

Through the musical inspiration of my family, the church, and the hard lessons of life, God has blessed me with songs, by giving me the lyrics and music to comfort my heart and soothe my soul.

Tears of Joy

The song Tears of Joy came to me as I was waiting outside to catch a bus.  The weather was horrible with cold rain, thunder and lightning and I grew very frustrated and angry about being outside in this horrible weather.   As I stood waiting for the bus getting soaked I began to think about my dear grandmother who always taught me that everything happens for a reason.  She would say God and Mother Nature together created man.  When it thunders and lightning it is God speaking to us reminding us he is near and when it rains it is God and Mother Nature crying Tears of Joy for the love they feel for us.

As I thought about this, I began to feel comforted and at peace and I started to cry my own Tears of Joy.  From this moment the song Tears of Joy was created.

My Life – "Faith and Music from God's Soft Soul"  – Kennis Jones

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