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Kennis Jones has written over four hundred songs and is registered with ASCAP as a writer and publisher.


What About Love
"What About Love" – New CD with ten original songs.
Written, arranged, and produced by Kennis Jones.
Available now!


Smokey Robinson and Kennis Jones

For 5 years, in the late 70's and early 80's, Kennis was a songwriter exclusively for Smokey Robinson.
Two memorable songs were recorded, "I'm Loving You Softly" and "If We're Gonna Act Like Lovers"

"I'm Loving You Softly" [audio:|titles=Loving You Softly] "If We're Gonna Act Like Lovers" [audio:|titles=If We're Gonna Act Like Lovers]

"If We're Gonna Act Like Lovers" was also on the sound track to Smokey Robinson's hit movie "BIG TIME" starring Jane Kennedy and Roger E. Mosley.

Songwriter – Kennis Jones

Smokey Robinson/Kennis Jones
#1. Loving You Softly
#2. If We're Gonna Act Like Lovers
#3. Love Is
#4. Who Cares About Love
#5. Your My Love Connection*
#6. Serenade My Life*
#7. Not To Go Away
#8. Promises And Lies
#9. If You Want My Love
#10.I Want To Be Turned On By You
#11. Love Me Now
#12. I Want You To Be My Love
 The first two were published in (Smokey Robinson) and (Berry Gordy's) Publishing company ( Bertam) and (Jobete)All songs Words and Music by Kennis Jones except for; * (Your My Love Connection)
Words; Kennis Jones and Rozella Jones (Smokey's Sister)
Music Kennis Jones

* (Serenade My Life) Words;Kennis Jones and Billy Parker(RIP 9/5/1947- 4/10/2007) All songs were submitted to ASCAP through Smokey’s publishing company. Music Kennis Jones
 Songs #3 to #12 were released from Smokey’s  publishing company and ASCAP  back to Kennis Jones, and are now available from  the Kennis Jones publishing company.

DISCOGRAPHY: SoftSoul Collection

Love Is All I Want From You
Why Do We Play Out Of Tune

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