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SoftSoul Music – The Beginning:

 Looking to take more control over his musical career after writing hit tunes for Smokey Roibinson, musical artist Kennis Jones created SoftSoul Productions in 1986.  Creating the name SoftSoul from a mixture of Kennis’ style of music, beliefs, personality and his former musical group the Flairs, SoftSoul Productions was born. 

Between the years of 1992 and 1996 SoftSoul Productions began recording music out of Los Angeles, CA in such studios as Hit City West, F.O.R. and teaming up with Lark Records to market and promote the music.  At these studios such songs as “Mr. Postman” and “I Found Love” were created and shortly after found airplay.  Both songs did well on the west coast and overseas, but had a mediocre response nationally.   Sadly, due to bad business deals Lark Records ended up folding and SoftSoul Productions shut down operations for a few years. 

In 2002 through financial investments from San Diego radio host Johnny Flores and Kennis’ brother, SoftSoul Productions started producing again.  Taking his music on the road, Kennis began playing at such venues as the Hilton Hotel Resorts, San Diego Yacht Club, La Valencia Hotel and Las Vegas, NV. 

Bringing investor Johnny Flores in as the Executive Producer for SoftSoul Productions and working closely with his friend and former working partner Barney Perkins (who is most famous for his work as an Engineer from Motown Records) the creations of the first SoftSoul Productions album had begun.  Entitled “Why Do We Play Out of Tune” the CD was recorded at Studio West and Signature Sound in San Diego and mastered at Bernie Gruman Studios in Hollywood by Chris Belman

Along with bringing Johnny Flores in as Executive Producer, Kennis also brought in Nelson Campbell as the Web Master and Administrator Manager for SoftSoul Productions.  Using his vision and expertise Nelson helped make SoftSoul Productions a competitor in the music business.  SoftSoul Productions can be found on such social media sites as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Reverbnation with over 7000 fans and growing.  Presently Kennis Jones under SoftSoul Productions is #14 on Reverbnation 100 Chart (Smooth Jazz, R/B Soft Soul) and Kennis Jones can be found on www.kennisjones.com.

Currently SoftSoul Productions has released a second album entitled “What About Love” with 10 tracks available to listen or purchase from our social media sites.

SoftSoul Productions mission is to make the most beautiful music the world has ever heard.  Through our music we want to help heal and soothe, to bring Peace and comfort into every man and woman’s heart.

“In the beginning, there was the Word, and the Word was with God.  And He has blessed me and all those who are involved with SoftSoul to do right by his children, from the first note to the last”. 

Love and light to you all ~ Soft Soulfully Yours Kennis

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