September Fall

 Written, arranged, and produced by Kennis Jones 

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September Fall





A beautiful song for a loving and caring World

I want the people to enjoy the melodies and the atmosphere of the music from my hand to theirs, so they can enjoy the changing seasons within their minds and hearts,
those special times, beginning in September when we all begin to fall in love.


September Fall
I came about this song as I was playing a show in a mall in California. The weather was a usual sunny 70 degrees and beautiful and I began to recall my days as a child growing up back east. I started to remember the dramatic shifts between seasons and how we used to call September our “Indian Summer” because of the warm summer breezes and the sight of the leaves changing color almost overnight.
I recalled how everyone seemed to be in a good mood, with children laughing playing in the leaves and adults walking along holding hands sharing there love for each other. I began to realize that to me September is a constant reminder of love and good feelings.  From this I started to hear the music. 
From that moment I decided that I wanted to write an instrumental song titled “September Fall.” I felt that making it an instrumental was the best way because sometimes words only get in the way and I wanted people to truly hear and feel the music. This song is dear to my heart and I want people to relax, enjoy the melodies and remember those special times of love and laughter.
My Life – "Faith and Music from God's Soft Soul" – Kennis Jones

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