Cookie Sweet

 Written, arranged, and produced by Kennis Jones 

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Cookie Sweet

 The eternal search for your one and only love 



She was cookie sweet when she walked into my life.
An innocent breath of fresh air.

Cookie Sweet

This song is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who I had the honor of working closely with on this album.

The name Cookie Sweet came to me as I was rehearsing.  My friend came in with a fresh plate of baked cookies as a good gesture and the site of her beautiful face mixed with the smell of cookies knocked me off my feet.  I thought what a wonderful gift and what a wonderful moment.  It made me reminisce about my childhood and my mother baking cookies with the family. 

The association of cookies with good comforting thoughts started a new trend with me and I began to describe something that was good and thoughtful as being cookie sweet.   It was at this time that the melody and rhythm for this beautiful song began to flow.

This song is for all those Cookie Sweet moments in your life.


My Life – “Faith and Music from God’s Soft Soul” – Kennis Jones


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