His Love Is Gold

 Written, arranged, and produced by Kennis Jones 

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His Love Is Gold




A visionary song from he who truly loves you

A vision and the song came to me that only God's love is truly gold.
Worldly things cannot heal you or save you.
They cannot protect you or make you truly happy in life.

Only He who made you can do all those things for you, because His Love is Truly Gold..

 His Love Is Gold

 I dedicate this song to the loving memory of my father.  My father was a dear and loving, fun man. 

This song came to me one day when I decided to play the lottery using my father’s favorite numbers.  The lottery was one of my father’s favorite things to do and something he was very good at playing.  To our families amazement my father would always seem to hit on his favorite lottery numbers.   One of my fondest memories of my father was seeing him on our shared birthday, May 12th where we played the lotto and my father, for the first time in my life with tears in his eyes told me he loved me.  Sadly, 10 short days later my father passed away.

On this particular day I decided to honor him through playing his favorite numbers in the lottery.  When I got home and checked the ticket I was sad to find that it did not hit.  At this moment I had a revelation from God.  The song His Love is Gold was born from the realization that putting my trust, faith and hope in God instead of such things as the Lotto was the only way people can truly find happiness.

When this revelation came to me I was not sure if the world would be ready to hear such things until I realized that his word says, “Anyone who is willing to hear should listen and understand (Matthew 13:3-9)!”  To me this means I have to be an example and share this song.

 From that day on I have not nor will I ever play the Lottery again.  Instead I think about God and my dad together and my heart feels full and happy.  I don’t need to play the Lottery in memory of my father because now I truly understand that only “His Love Is Gold”. 

 My Life – "Faith and Music from God's Soft Soul" – Kennis Jones

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